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Finding Out Your Child Has Vitiligo

On a previous post, I discussed being diagnosed with Vitiligo when I was 9 years old. We were told that the disease was hereditary, and in our findings, we found one person that had the same disease. I figured that I would be in the clear with passing it down to my kids because it was definitely skipping generations. I was wrong...

This past summer, we were at a company picnic. My younger daughter was playing on the playground and I was talking to my son, who just turned 14. I got a glimpse at his hand and I noticed that one of his fingers had a white spot. My stomach sunk and I just knew that it was Vitiligo.

The following week we went to the dermatologist and he validated my concern. We went over some treatment options and because we only found a few spots under the black light, we decided on the topical cream. We drove over to the pharmacy and all of a sudden emotions smacked me right in the face. My eyes started to swell up with tears and before I knew it they were coming out uncontrollably. I was trying to get a hold of my self and just then, we saw my dad.... oh that moment... unexplainable. My husband explained the ‘situation’ to my dad and then he grabbed me and gave me the biggest hug.

Most won’t understand, but growing up with Vitiligo wasn‘t a good experience for me and I didn’t want my son to go through the same thing. My son being the amazing boy he is, was so brave, and was determined to get going on the topical.

We’ve been doing the topical for a few months now and it seemed to have stopped the growth of the spots which is great. We will continue with the topical, continue to educate my son, his sisters, and friends as well. He doesn't seem bothered with having the disease at all which really puzzles me. I don't know if it's him really not caring or that it's now more accepting in the community, but either way I have gained a new sense of courage from him. I am still dealing with the emotional scars, but now having a partner in crime, I'm starting to heal those wounds.

For parents out there that have Vitiligo and now their child has it; it’s so easy to go down a dark path and blame yourself. It‘s normal to have those feelings, but don‘t let those feelings come between you and your child. Fight this disease together!

If you have any questions about Vitiligo or in need of advice, feel free to send me a note on my About page.


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